The Cave (Short Story)

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African / Thriller / Fiction / Suspense-filled


‘Okay, let’s try this again’,
‘Hello Jamea, I am John Philips, your doctor. You remember me? You were here last
week with your aunt to see me? Remember?’
Jamea sternly looked Dr Philips in the eye with a complex look of fear and anger on her face and answered him not a word. The fourteen-year-old then leaned back on her chair, put her head down and continued to pet the paper doll she held to her lap. Dr Philips sighed in distress. He got up from his seat, walked around to the other side of the table where she was seated and stooped before her:
‘She’s beautiful you know’, he said, ‘I mean your doll, she is very beautiful. Does she have a name?’, he asked, trying to get her to talk. But Jamea neither spoke nor moved. ‘Jamea my daughter, it’s been 2 weeks and the Police is still waiting for your story. I know you have been badly hurt, but you need to let us help you’…


The Cave (Cover) Short Story by Mac Alunge

The Cave (Cover) Short Story by Mac Alunge

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    Probably the best African Short Story Fiction so far

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