Individual self-discovery is the brick foundation for personal, organizational and national growth and establishment. For everyone’s light to shine brightest in this world, we believe they must know themselves fully. Culture only transcends national and generational boundaries when it is consistently upheld and diligently sold out to the world, so its true value and beauty can be recognized. As Africans, we believe that it is the foundational role of art to uphold and celebrate our culture. MA Park is a brand that makes use of Spoken Word Art to tell our own story, to reveal our culture, language and values, to speak our truth, share our authentic voice and inspire others to become the best version of themselves. With every piece of writing, with every shred of content, we hope to be the voice of the voiceless, raise the voices of the vulnerable, create awareness on societal ills while reflecting the power and beauty of Africaness; our world, our way, our style and our craft.


MA Park is a Spoken Word Art brand of the organization Strawacademy, which focuses on the use of Spoken Word Art Content (Audios, Videos, Pictures and Text) and Community Engagement through events and digital followership), to foster initiatives in line with the SDGs around the world.

MA Park carries out Capacity Building for Artists and unites them with its network. It is equally a platform raised to echo the world, the stories of voiceless individuals and communities across Africa, to inspire conversation and corresponding action, steering the wheels of collaborative effort towards positive change.

Spoken Word Art is one of the most expressive forms of art due to its audiovisual nature and the freedom to express ideas with words. Poetry spoken, engages and commands attention of its audience. Unlike Strawacademy which focuses on the SDGs 1, 8 and 9, MA Park is designed to implement initiatives in-line with all the 17 SDGs using Art.

Short-term goals expect accomplishment in a short period of time, such as trying to get a bill paid in the next few days.

Mac Alunge performs at Afreximbank Central Africa Branch Launch Yaounde - Cameroon (4)

An organizational goal-management solution ensures that individual employee goals and objectives align with the vision and strategic goals of the entire organization.


Fostering the implementation of initiatives all over the world in-line with the United Nations SDGs, using creative Spoken Word Art: through art content creation (audios, videos, pictures and text), Capacity Building and Networking of Artists, as well as community engagement (events) for sensitization and advocacy.


Healing the world with words

Artist Management Agency

Artist Community and Recognition Management

Event and Tour Management

Sponsorship and Endorsement Management

Management of Artist External Relations

(Artist’s relationship with Profit and Non-profit Organizations as well as political, Religious and Educational Institutions)

Record Label / Art Publishing Agency

Manage Artist’s content Release

Market Artist’s Products (Online and offline)

Artist Content Creation Management

Artist Creative Agency

Manage Artist Offline Brand

Create Artist Brand Accessories and Products

Manage Artists online branding, Social Media and Communications

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