Titanic – Spoken Word by Mac Alunge (snippet)

Mac Alunge


On 10 April 1912, when the largest ocean liner in service at that time, RMS Titanic, started its maiden voyage from Southampton, it was a new beginning in the history. With at least 2,224 people on board, including a number of prominent personalities, the luxury ship that nicknamed as ‘Millionaire’s Special’ was en route to New York City on that day.

Designed to be the epitome of style and safety, the vessel featured many advanced luxury and safety features. Moreover, the ‘unsinkable’ RMS Titanic was commanded by a senior captain, 62-year-old Captain Edward Smith, again ensuring the safety of the vessel and its passengers.

However, the destiny of this spectacular ship was already made. On the 14th of April, the world witnessed what could easily be considered as its most deadly civilian maritime disaster – the sinking of the great Ship Titanic. On that fateful night, at ­­around 11.40 PM Titanic struck an iceberg off the coast of Newfoundland and began to sink

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