Shadow Performance by Girls4Art (The Spoken Word Event with Mac Alunge) World Philosophy Day 2019

Mac Alunge


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The Spoken Word Event with Mac Alunge is a quarterly National and Bilingual Platform for the expression of Spoken Word Art and other forms of CreativeStage Performance Arts. It is organized by Cameroonian Spoken Word Artist Mac Alunge; and this November, it was graced by the incredible Girls4Art crew from Sysy House of Fame

Sysy House of Fame is an association that is contributing to Sustainable Development by engaging communities through Arts and Culture Education and the Media. We are redefining the role of the entertainment by shifting from the paradigm of Entertainment to Entertainment for Development. We are also involved in promoting Intercultural Dialogue and Exchanges while connecting stories through our online media platform

SHF started in 2016 with the primary purpose of promoting talents and contributing to Sustainable Development through arts, culture and the media. After working in the field for 2 years, we identified the challenges faced by arts in Cameroon. Prominent amongst many is the fact that we have tens of thousands of artists in Cameroon, less than a quarter of them are able to earn a livelihood from it. We decided to contribute by creating sustainable platforms where artists can thrive while contributing to Sustainable Development. Working on a paradigm shift, from the mentality of entertainment which is limiting to the creative industry. We, therefore, are adding Value to arts by training artists, creating and finding opportunities for them, Developing their skills and providing life skills training as well.

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