Mac Alunge performs at the Africa Export Import Bank Central Africa Regional Office Launch

Mac Alunge


Mac Alunge performs at the Launch of the Central African branch of the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) on Friday September 24th 2021 at Hilton Hotel, Yaounde – Cameroon Thank you to the beautiful Afreximbank Family for this incredible opportunity. Thank you for hiring, valueing and endorsing my team and I. We feel seen, heard and relevant. Thank you When it comes to economic prosperity and financial investement in Africa, I believe that the time has come for Cameroon. It has been 2 years since this partnership between AFREXIMBANK and the Cameroon Government was signed. Today, were previleged to witness history being made and be part of the process. A huge honour it was as well to perform in audience of the Prime Minister of our Nation, His Excellency Dion Ngute as well as several other dignitaries… The Afreximbank Office, based in Yaounde – Cameroon, will cover the whole of the Central African Region…

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