19 (Disaster Relief) Official Video, Spoken Word by Mac Alunge

Mac Alunge


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The Spoken Word Short Film entitled: ’19’, subtitled ‘Disaster Relief’, is written and performed by Mac Alunge and produced by Strawacademy. The video was put together in collaboration with Zoe Communications, Home Box Video 1, Lyte Studios, GodDance, Inspire Me Ltd and Freeman Movie Production

This piece of content was inspired by and is written to address the Covid19 Pandemic as well as the ongoing humanitarian crises plaguing Cameroon, Africa and the world . This piece of art is the implementation part of the content-inclined project, PROJECT 19, of our #Art4Humanity Initiative of MA Park NFP. Through this project, we hope the pieces of art will:

– Ignite a new / different ray of hope of people experiencing multiple crises situations within the same geographical setting

– Change the perception of individuals experiencing some of the worst humanitarian crisis situations all over the world, to try identifying opportunity even within calamity

– Inspire peace, justice, equality, love, perseverance as well as responsible civic behavior towards containing the virus

– To discourage hate, hate-speech, violence, violent extremism especially induced by poverty or revenge

– To comfort, encourage, motivate and try to heal the human mind from physical, psychological and emotional hurt

– To inspire entrepreneurial progress, creativity, innovation and sustainable development within a crisis

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