The Spoken Word Event with Mac Alunge V (2023)


May 20, 2023
3:00 pm
The Spoken Word Event with Mac Alunge V (2023)
Mac Alunge

Spoken Word Events unlike musical events and other forms of art are designed to not just gather, but engage their audience for a particular purpose to achieve collaborative contributions towards addressing and meeting a particular societal need.  A number of spoken word artists have engaged millions of people both digitally and on ground using their creative spoken word genres. More recently, a similar culture of consuming spoken word content is bracing the African scenery. The Spoken Word Event with Mac Alunge is the first Cameroonian and multi-lingual Spoken Word Art event created to entertain, educate, inspire, and engage people towards the implementation of UN SDG’s.

Since its first edition, it has built and sustained a plausible network of artist, businesses, civil society, government, and religious bodies, not forgetting the local communities. It has, and will continue to be a major platform in the marketing and enculturation of Cameroonians into consuming the art. The art is created and served to resonate with all classes of people from the priviledged to the less priviledged, young or old, religious or non-religious, regardless of their language, income, philosophy or social standing.

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