Spoken Word by Mac Alunge


There is nothing to fear but fear itself

Who is fear anyway?


He’s a pessimist who imagines the worst to scare you out of taking a new step

A thought that gives you every great reason not to try

An instinct that shuts your mouth on trying to speak

The perfect ally to doubt, unbelief and hesitation


An architect that builds a wall of impossibility and mediocrity around a person

Fear is a spirit that: drowns faith, quenches passion, clouds visions, darkens futures, strangles destinies and kills dreams


Fear is a prison that keeps you locked into your comfort zone, stopping you from exploring the new, fetching the possibilities outside and fulfilling your dreams

I learned early enough that the troubles that cause the loss of sleep are the troubles that usually never come

And so I urge you to stop worrying about things that may never happen and move forward.

Courage is not the absence of fear… it is the mastery of fear and the attitude of moving ahead in its presence


Feel the fear and start anyway

Never let it get in your way

You are stronger and wiser than people say

You will become better and better everyday


Today is a new day

I don’t care what happened yesterday

Maybe you failed from Monday to Sunday

Get ready it’s time to rise again


You can’t just be defeated and stay

Make up your mind to start again

Sing again, write again, trade again and hey

Whatever you do, never forget to pray


Fear clouds our perception of the truth of things and produces in our mind a false reality


Fear: ‘F   E   A   R’


Falsified Evidence Appearing Real

False Experience affecting Reasoning

Frequent Exaggeration Altering Reality

Fictitious Expectations Anticipating Ruin

Fruitless Evaluation Announcing Retaliation

Frustrating Enemy Against Rising

Failing Early and Responsively


You can’t conquer an enemy you don’t understand

Fear has an enemy… His Name is Faith

Feed your faith

And your fears will starve to death


If you have the fear of fear

Then rest assured that your success is near

‘Cause then you will begin to dare

To try somethings that are rare


See, it’s time to change your gear

Even though it’s not new year

Maybe your past was full of despair

Well I urge you to forget where you were


I know stepping into the unknown can scare

Life may not always seem fair

There might be some pain to bear

But greater is He that is in you I swear


No one said you won’t shed another tear

But stay strong God will do what He said

He is God no one can compare

He created you, your mouth, your eyes and ears


So when trouble is here

Don’t run like a deer

For God is right there

He knows you so well He counted your hair


Oh I feel it in the air

That dream you hope for is very near

But you must work hard to get there

And must step out in faith and dare


In all, let your conscience be clear

Whatever you get, learn to share

Let people see how much you care

Even if you can hardly afford enough to wear


Feel the fear

But step out in the middle of that fear

And after the wear and the tear

Life will become sweeter than pear


F  E   A   R


What is it going to be to you?


Forget Everything And Run

Face Everything and Rise




Written by Mac Alunge

Copyrights @ Strawacademy 2019