HOPEFUL – Official Spoken Word in Commemoration of the International Peace Day by Mac Alunge






If life be a song, sing it

If life be a game, play it

Life is beauty, enjoy it


When life brings strategy, confront it

Death is the most obvious promise made to us at birth

But when that day finally arrives for each of us

What we leave behind is not the engravings on stone monuments

But what is woven into the hearts of others


Yes, we’ve seen more than we can dare to share

The loss, the war, the fear

More death and pain than we can bear

We’ve had our fair share of tears


But at every given moment we have two options:

To step forward into growth or to stay back in safety

But we are the ones we’ve been waiting for

Together we can be the hope we seek

There are better days ahead than any we’ve left behind


As children living by the countryside

Our fathers told us stories by the fireside

Of the wonders of the mountain side

And the mysteries of the seaside


They told us that all else aside

Peace is of the inside

So do not let the happenings of the outside

Get in your heart where true happiness resides


March like a ship on the water

Which may only capsize if the water on the outside gets on the inside

Joy does not just happen to us

We have to choose it every single day


Our fathers taught us that there is a court higher than the court of Justice

The court of conscience

Let Honesty and Integrity be master and mistress

For they form the base of a healthy soul


If only each of us could see

That even in our loneliest hour

And in the darkness of our insecurities

The outstanding light we still radiate


For even the sun told me

That sometimes she feels like nothing but a shadow

So let your own flaws not blind you

For you are a miracle that happened to this world


So know the guy on the other side

Love him and see him too

Do your little piece of good where you are

For it’s those little bits of good that overwhelm the world


She is not her hair or hairdo

Neither is he his race or skin color too

We are much bigger than what we do or don’t do

Believe me, I am just like you


We all know that People Everywhere Are Created Equally

And as human beings, we must Promote Empathy And Compassion Everyday

Let us continue to create platforms for Proper Education And Cultural Exchange

Then we will see much more Positive Energy Activating Creative Excellence


We need Positivity, Equity, And Cohesion Everyday

So with continued Personal Empowerment And Community Effort

As well as Preserved Environment And Clean Energy

Like never before, we will see Prosperity, Expansion And Constant Elevation


Yesterday I was clever

I wanted to change the world

Today I am wise

I am willing to change myself


So don’t let the pain define you

Let it rather refine you

Accept the finite hurt

But never lose infinite hope


For hope looks past the visible into the invisible

Fields through the tangible into the intangible

It races towards the irreversible and the seemingly indestructible

Then achieves the impossible and redefines possible


No one is infallible

No plan invincible

Nor every ill preventable

And not every mess reversible


But nothing is impossible

Together we are unstoppable

When our love for each other is unsearchable

And our creativity and passion inexhaustible


So live out loud, be audible

Be responsible and flexible

Let’s all be credible, incredible, accessible and indivisible

For together, all heights are reachable


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