Mac Alunge Performs at the First Ever National Women’s Convention for Peace, organized by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung at Palais des Congres, Yaounde – July 29, 2021

We did it!

We made history! Performing the Opening Ceremony for the first ever National Women’s Convention for Peace, at Palais des Congres Yaounde, on July 29th 2021. The event brought together over 1,800 people: 1,000 women from all over Cameroon, Women-led Civil Society Organization leaders as well as 600 invited dignitaries including the representative of the Prime Minister as Ambassadors and High Commissioners in Cameroon including His Excellency Richard Bale, the Canadian High Commissioner, as well as Salah Khaled, UNESCO Regional Director for Central Africa… The 20-minute animated and choreographed Spoken Word Performance entitled LIONESS, written/directed by Mac Alunge and performed by the Strawacademy Creative Arts Team, was created and served to reflect the life, love, role and hopes of the Cameroonian woman, as well as console and encourage every Cameroonian Women affected by the Violent Conflict in the Northwest, Southwest and Far North Regions. The performance also sought to inspire the Cameroonian Woman into living their dreams and becoming the best version of themselves.

Thank you to the entire Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Office for Central Africa: the Country Director Mme Nina Netzer as well as the entire FES family: Mr Norman Taku, Mme Stephanie Njiomo, Mr Bless, Mme Sonia, Mme Marie, Mme Mirielle and Mr Casimir … Thank you for choosing us; thank you for this wonderful opportunity…

Thank you to my incredible Strawacademy Creative Arts team (GoDance):

Mouamani Arthur

Siben Marione

Ndomo Kevin Lionel

Njuafac Ramblin

Mbekou Jessie

Zisuh Harisse

Minjo Collins

Okuke Marvelous

William Ngelo


As well as Mme Prudence NOUTCHA

Thank you to the performance producers: Audio, Video, Props, Stage play, Performance Assistants, Production Managers:

Clinton Ngala

Kisife Gordon

Clinton Bezadam

Steven Mbom

Michel Yanou

Bukonge Terrence

Beyongo Frankline Esono

Your dedication is incalculable and unmatched… Thank you!

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