8 Best Spoken Word Artists from Cameroon - Africa

Spoken Word Art, usually referred to as Slam Poetry, is a form of Visual Arts which involves vocal parlance with dramatization and intonation speech, usually a poetic monologue, memorized and performed on stage, often backed by live instrumentals for the purpose of education and or entertainment. The Culture of Spoken Word Art is beginning to trend the Cameroon entertainment and education arena. A number of prolific spoken word artists have pushed the bar with their boundless creative energy and African style to become pace setters of the Art in Cameroon and Africa. Here are 8 Best Spoken Word Artists from Cameroon – Africa

Abunaw Olive

Poet, Actress / Activist. Her unique style of writing and performing captured the heart of her audience at the Cameroon Movie International Film Festival in 2018 , when she made her debut public introduction as an official spoken word artist .There after she has been in several shows, festivals , schools , workshops and seminars, and has been invited for interviews and to perform at different radio and television stations around the country, spreading her poetic motivation. Her works are mixed with her advocacy for women under an organisation she founded; Ngore Africa Center for Women Empowerment and Development (NACWED)

Wassing W. Charles

aka “the Slamillykilleur”
Maroua – Cameroon

Rising from the Extreme North; born in Koutaba military Slamillykilleur blossomed with the hiphop universe in the city of Maroua in the year 2007 and participated in the competition ”Caravane du bonheur Coca-Cola”. He later participated in the redesign of ” Collectif Ongola Slam Café cafee” in “237 Paroles”. Since then, he has participated in several events in the Cameroon including:

Slam youth for peace

Festival slamup
La caravane des dix mots de la francophonie
Finaliste du Spoken World Projet au Goethe institut,
Les Spectacle love and live, les tournées d’accros’arts, Fêtes de la musique à l’IFC Yaoundé etc

W Charly also collaborated with Nelly-O at Yafé 2014, with singer Rass NGAMO, bassist Aimé MAMA, GRIMO, Myname, Marah, Lydol, Mosquito, Baos, and many others.

Ntua Edia

Aka Griot

Young dynamic writer(Poetry).Youth leader, spoken word artists Co-organising ,Hosting and performing at IYA night of Griot Cameroons biggest monthly spoken word event. 

Edia is passionate about writing and performing and does intend to promote this not just in Cameroon but across the boarders

Mac Alunge

Mac Alunge is a Cameroonian Inspirational Speaker, Author and Spoken Word Artist. He is the Creator of ‘Inspire Me Ltd’, an audiovisual content production/publishing enterprise and the President of the Social Development initiative Strawacademy Africa. Since 2014, Mac Alunge has used his Artistry and his Organization to significantly contribute to the realization of SDG’s 1, 8 and 9 for Cameroon by inspiring / directing the Creation / Development of feasible, sustainable, fundable and scalable for-profit ventures. Mac’s Art is as well his platform for Peace Activism, Civil Society Advocacy and Human Rights Protection. While his voice inspires youth across Cameroon and Africa into an opportunity-creation mindset, his Organization identifies, develops and connects African youth who demonstrate a genuine vocation for service and thirst for positive change. The Organization then crafts out immense, holistic online / onsite developmental programs based on the world’s best evidence-based practices adapted to the West African Context; all to ensure effective Capacity Building, Professional Training and Networking of the youth. Strawacademy has directed the creation of 14 Cameronian startups and has inspired the creation of many.

Jean Stephane Mebonde

He is an experienced Writer, Poet and Spoken Word Artist . He reads it, studies it and writes it. He made his way to his first big Slam scene at IFC Yaounde during The “Dit-moi dix mots” Contest of La Francophonie in 2012 during which he would win the second prize.

He has participated in several competitions, Spoken Word Workshops and trainings including 237 Paroles. In 2017 he participated for the first time at the Grand Slam National where he came second position; the second time the following year he emerged winner. He later represented Cameroon at the African Cup of Slam Poetry in November 2018 in N’Djamena.

He performed at La fête de l’unité that same year and later emerged champion of Cameroon, in music by the impact created through his video « MON CRI DE PAIX » which is available on YouTube.

Tanni D Awa aka Mottanni

He commenced Spoken Word Poetry in 2015 with his debut performance on the Black Swagger Poetry Slam Show; a monthly poetry show in Bamenda, Cameroon. Ever since then he has graced stages of shows like Dare Africa’s Emerging Leaders Breakfast, Dare Africa’s 99.9 talks , New Breed Africa Foundation’s Woman Power Banquet, New Breed Africa Celebrity Awards(NBACA) just to name a few.

He has three awards for Best Spoken Word Artist from Black Swagger Poetry Slam producers and he is the current holder of Bamenda Variety and Entertainment Industry Awards (BAVENTI Awards) as best Spoken Word Poet. He was also runner up for NBACA Award for Best Spoken
Word Artist. He’s been inspired by Joyce Babatunde, Jon Jorgenson and Dike Chukwumerije and Clayton Jennings.

Njobati Sylvie

Taleabong B Alemnge / Stage Life

Young Activist who uses Poetry & Spoken Word to cause social & political change.

With a couple of other poets, he has been able to create a poetry / theater troop called STAGE LIFE with the chief goal of rewriting Africa’s narratives through exposing our true identity. He has been operating this troop for the past 2 years with several performances in different cities especially in the South West Region of Cameroon.




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